A Complete cloud system for the pharmaceutical marketing industry

NileCRM is all-in-one system that combines marketing CRM/CLM with e-detailing, sales tracking , expense management system , and HR management.

More than a CRM

All-in-one cloud system for the pharmaceutical marketing industry

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We go further than a standard pharmaceutical CRM. NileCRM combines all services into one system that has everything you can think of on just one page. You can choose from powerful options including marketing services, sales services, accounting services, HR services, and much more.

Additionally , we provide complete service as part of your subscription plan 

Vision & mission

Software company specialized in the pharmacuetical industry


To be the ideal software company that encourages long term client relationships by creating a centralized pharma software solutions that always anticipates customer needs.


Our Mission is to Increase the Competency of Pharmaceutical Industry by Implementing their Plan in a Very Organizing Way to Save the Most Variable Tools Which are Time and Effort, then Successful will be the only Result.

Core values

NileCRM's fundamental beliefs for determining the correct path and achieving objectives.


accepting what is required and completing the task to the optimal of the employee's ability is what it means to be responsible.


We focus on offering high-quality products and services that we stand behind, ensuring satisfaction with clients, revenue, and the future of our employees and growth.


Transparency creates trust and encourages open communication. It helps establish a culture of collaboration by strengthening the relationships .


we define it as a set of measurable skills, knowledge, or tasks that lead to effective performance. Our employee should be able to perform a specific role with a high level of proficiency.


We encourage our clients to be fearless in their decision-making. Privacy allows us to set limits on who has access to our structures, destinations, data and things, as well as our communications and information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to Most questions people have about us

CRM (customer relationship management) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. to Improve business relationships to grow your business. NileCRM is more than A CRM; it contains marketing CRM/CLM, sales tracking,travel expense management, and HR management.


  • The NileCRM is more than A CRM. It also contains CRM/CLM,sales tracking,travel expense management, and HR management.
  • NileCRM contains E-detailing with interactive presentations and optional records.
  • The NileCRM dashboard can be customized and integrated with many data sources.
  • Automated calculation for travel expenses.
  • NileCRM has pharmacovigilance tools.
  • NileCRM has a Performance evaluation tool.
  • Mobile application is a user friendly with push up notifications like social media platforms.
  •  Up to 70 reports covering all aspects of NileCRM
  • NileCRM introduce excellent after sale  service because of professional support team 
  • From one URL, you can follow up marketing and sales analysis.
  • NileCRM team has experience spanning up to 10 years in pharmaceutical field 
  • All updates and new features are available without additional fees
  • Simple interface with more details
  • You can extract backup any time 
  • User friendly with customized dashboard

Yes, with NileCRM, you can integrate data from any external source and customize your dashboard according to your needs.


We provide the continuous technical support that it offers to our customers, as well as any requests from customers that we can make regarding the application


Sure, NileCRM fits all company sizes, especially start up companies, because it always needs to store all data for all customers and save three months of prospecting for new medical reps, so any user can start work from the first day with a contact list and target list.


  • You don’t need another company to help you in pharmaceutical software
  • All your business needs can be handled in NileCRM system
  • Manage all your employees by one click
  • Follow up ROI from each budget contribution
  • You can customize the NileCRM system according to your needs without our help.
  • We are ready to support you any time during working hours 
  • We introduce all updates and new features without additional cost
  • One dashboard lets you keep track of the marketing team, their sales, and sales achievements.

Yes. In fact, keeping information secret is one of the terms of the subscription contract.


You can export all reports and data you want from the NileCRM system without our help at any time to excel/PDF/CSV and all contacts can be exported by location to store all locations for all customers.


We are happy to help our clients at all times. We introduce valuable training and practice for new users, and we upload all updates and new features without any additional cost. There is a support ticket tab in the NileCRM system, where we respond to all issues within 24 hours. There is also a phone number for urgent issues if they arise.


No, all updates, new features, server maintenance, and training, including NileCRM services .



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