Software Features

Pharmaceutical Marketing CLM/CRM

Marketing CRM and CLM for multi marketing channels. create and follow up marketing plan and execution ,  marketing events,  marketing module covers all your marketing needs.

Sales Tracking solution

 Sales force automation solution that automates sales operations of your sales force in the field, regardless of your sales business model or setup (direct store delivery, pre-sales, sales using distributors). The solution will ensure that all of your sales policies are successfully implemented in the market and will provide you with complete visibility over your field sales force and distributors.

HR Management System

HR management system that helps you streamline and automate your human resources processes. It provides a centralized platform to manage essential HR functions like employee records, payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, recruiting, and performance management.

And even more...

Expense management

Travel and normal expenses , with travel expense , automate distance calculation and cost per KM , meal allowance , invoices claims , non travel expense the employee ask for the invoices amount to be paid.


Create , Customize , and assign dashboards to your users . NileCRM Dashboards Get data from any database and use it to make charts and graphs. It shows high-level information in a single view

Permissions & Roles

Roles define the actions that a user can perform in NileCRM , each role is a set of permissions that the user can do

Report Generator

We provide more than 70 reports to cover all aspects your company need ,you can even generate your report easily using our report generator tool , additionally report generator tool gives you the option to generate reports from internal or external database

Audit logs

We use Audit logging for documenting any activity . Audit logs record the occurrence of an event, the time at which it occurred, the responsible user or service, and the impacted entity.

Cloud Services

You do not have to worry about software implementation , server management , software updates , customization , new features , support and training for your users , the subscription plan covers all the hassle

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